Anita Heald, Lysette Taplin, Ivor Williams

High school, 3 levels, American English

Developing English proficiency and preparing high school students for the world outside the classroom.

The respect for life, dignity, and the rights of others continues to be a core focus in Crossover Higher. Students explore global issues—the environment, technology, society—in more detail and are encouraged to express their opinions and develop critical thinking skills.

Crossover Higher stimulates independent thinking and meaningful learning through:

  • A broad variety of content and literature topics

  • Comprehensive treatment of grammar and functions

  • Continuous opportunities for project work

  • A full English-English glossary with translation


The virtual learning environment that includes:

  • A virtual classroom for teachers to interact with students and monitor their progress
  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards
  • Interactive activities for practice and consolidation
  • Digitalized teacher’s guide customizable monthly planners, an exam generator, and a question bank
  • Online practice for Cambridge FCE exam

Delivered through UDP Global

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